GST (Goods and services tax) Matters
Company / LLP / Partnership Firm
Audit & Assurance
Services to Foreign Companies & NRI
New Business Set up
Corporate Finance
Income Tax & Wealth Tax
Value Added Tax
Service Tax
Professional Tax
TDS related Services
Accounting Service & Outsourcing

Filing Income Tax returns for all kinds of assesses like
  • Individuals , Partnership Firm , HUF
  • Private Limited Companies
  • HUF / AOP/ BOI/ Trust and Co-operative Societies
  • Schools & Colleges etc.
Filing Income tax returns for employees of corporate clients
Filing Wealth tax returns
Tax Calculation, & Tax Payment/obtaining tax refund (Advance Tax , Self Assessment
  Tax & Wealth Tax)
Obtaining PAN
Tax Planning to save taxes , tax structuring for Corporate and others
Designing/restructuring salary structure to minimise tax burden (Payroll Designing)
Replies to notices from Department Representation before Income tax department for
  rectification, assessment, obtaining refunds etc
Expertise in complicated direct tax assessments.
Certifying Exports and Foreign exchange earnings and remittances
Filing and pleading appeals under various provisions of IT Act.
Special expertise in search, seizure and prosecution litigation
Obtaining Advance tax Rulings
Expert services with personal attention
Obtaining No Objection Certificates from Income tax department.
Calculation of Deferred Tax Liabilty
Providing regular updates on amendments, circulars, notifications & judgments.
Advice on future tax implications in respect of the potential acquisition.
Opinions on the various Double Tax Avoidance Agreement related issues.
Settlement of various issues raised under FEMA